The wood used for the barrels usually is between 80 to 120 years old. fter felling the trunks, they are cleaned and stored for one year. then they are cut into strips of 1 metre long and subject to a drying process for another 2 years. Finally the strips are bent and the barrels are made and once they are in the cellar the useful life of barrel is about 8 years.
In Bodegas Casa Primicia we try to see things differently, that is the reason why we start to think in extending even more the life of our precious barrels in order to give a homage to this wood that has given us so much satisfaction and that has given so much strength and character to our wines.

These glasses you have in your hands have been made from our precious barrels, they treasure between 90 and 120 years of history and we hope that knowing their long history helps you see things differently.