Our Values

We believe in what we do

We are marked by our history and tradition. To visit Casa Primicia is to travel through the tunnel of time, searching for the essence of a region that has made the fruit of the vine its reason for being.

Our history

Casa Primicia is the oldest building in Laguardia. Here, in this emblematic space, the church collected the tithes and first offerings, the tax that obliged the servants to pay the tenth part of the harvest and the first fruits.

The Elaboration

For a winery, the most important moment of the year is the harvest, and at Bodegas Casa Primicia, we put all our resources into making each one of them memorable.

La Cofradía

Bodegas Casa Primicia offers you the unique opportunity to become an exclusive member of the Casa Primicia Brotherhood. At Casa Primicia everything is designed to make your stay an unforgettable experience.