Ardo otra manera de ver las cosas

ARDO, another way of seeing things

ARDO, another way of seeing things

“In Bodegas Casa Primicia we try to see things differently, that’s the reason we started to think about trying to further lengthen the life of our precious barrels that have given shelter to our award-winning Julian Madrid, with the aim of pay tribute to this wood that have given us so much satisfaction and much strength and character have given our wine. These glasses cherish a history of 90-130 years. We expect that meeting its long history will allow you to see things differently.”

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ARDO means wine in Basque, an ancient language, as old as the origin of the wine in the lands of Rioja Alavesa.

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Under the artistic and creative direction of FAMMILIA, BODEGAS CASA PRIMICIA has enjoyed the cooperation of ZURA for the realization of this amazing project.

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In a traditional way, ZURA, transformed the centuries-old oak that during 20 months kept the wine JULIAN MADRID, the Family Reserve of Bodegas Casa Primicia. The burgundy color of the frame (different in each of the glasses) is a tribute to the past of the wood.

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Before beginning the production of the frame and the manual assembly of the 100% polarized lenses, the wood has been drying for two years. The leather case has been entirely handcrafted by local artisans. The wooden case is carved with ancient “suns” in the likeness of the antique Basque “kutxa” (box). And a bottle of the JULIAN MADRID complete the special limited edition of the ARDO pack.

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ARDO is a partnership that honors the respect of time, quality and good craft design.

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