Young Wines

This selection of young wines represent all the freshness but highlight their marked personality. Elaborated by means of the traditional method for first wines of the new harvest they will conquer you.
A wine that truly captivates us with its freshness and energetic youth. It´s striking fruity and aromatic flavors clearly conjure up the silhouette of the Rioja Alavesa Vineyards.
New aromas, surprising floral notes and intense wild overtones. A wine which exhibits new sensations.
Carbonic Maceration
The inheritance from our grandfather; tradition, wisdom and respect for the natural process. A wine without equal.

Aged in Wood

This has the honour of having obtained the Grand Prix d'Honneur in the prestigious Bordeaux fair A wine that unites the history and tradition of Bodegas Casa Primicia. This is our homage to the history of wine and one of the jewels in Bodegas Casa Primicia. That is what Viña Diezmo is, a reinvented classic.
Joven Tinto
Impetus, strength and a wide range of hues in this wine that is all character.
This wine expresses Casa Primicia Wineries' wine-making tradition
Viña Diezmo Reserve can presume of having obtained the Grand Prix d'Honneur in Bordeaux, the maximum distinction in the most prestigious wine event of the world.
Gran Reserva
VARIETIES: 80 % Tempranillo, 10 % Graciano, 5% Mazuelo y 5% Garnacha. MONTHS IN BARREL: 24 months of maturation, 12 months in French barrels and another 12 months in American barrels