Young Ones

Our younger wines arrive with each new vintage full of freshness and fruity hues. Their character surprises and their personality is convincing
Rose 2018
Rioja Alavesa in its youngest expression.
Barrel White 2016
Fruit, flowers, wood...

Single Grape

The new identifying mark with the Casa Primicia brand The history of La Rioja has been written with Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Garnacha and Graciano grapes. The single variety Casa Primicia wines offer you this legacy. 100% single grape wines expressing the richness of the earth. A sensorial trip through the history of Rioja wine
Mazuelo 2014
The Mazuelo variety has difficulties, overcoming them makes us better.
Garnacha 2014
It has always been our obsession to create good wine with garnacha grapes. Finally we found the way.
Tempranillo 2015
The variety that gives personality to the Rioja wines. To give it respect is an honour.
Graciano 2015
Native, peculiar and rebellious variety. Skill and patience are required to tame it.


The organic Carravalseca vineyard is the crown jewel of Bodegas Casa Primicia. The visionary project developed by Julian Madrid, founder of the vineyard, today is a reality. More than 50 years ago, in this unparalleled landscape, Julian Madrid established the roots for what today is a unique organic wine in a natural endorheic lagoon.
Carravalseca White 2018
A unique vineyard in a natural endorheic lagoon This organic wine arises from this treasure of water and soil and fills the cellar with the pride and satisfaction of whoever tastes it.
Carravalseca Carbonic Maceration 2018
The inheritance from our grandfather; tradition, wisdom and respect for the natural process. A wine without equal.
Carravalseca Crianza 2016
One of the most marvellous landscapes of the Rioja Alavesa, a selection of the best bunches, a short period of cold maceration, a few months in oak barrels There are some times when everything coincides
Carravalseca Reserve 2014
This wine justifies our reason for being Carravalseca Reserve is one of the maximum exponents of our cellar.

Julián Madrid

This wine is the heartfelt homage to Julian Madrid, founder of the cellar The print of the vine grower, that Casa Primicia rescues from history, shows us a legacy of respect and care for the Laguardia. This Family Reserve, that year after year exceeds itself has achieved several international awards as best wine of the year.
The hoarder of international success. A family reserve that year after year exceeds itself.


Casa Primicia. Cofradía's wine. The impetus of the new member and the baggage of a wise man merge in this unique wine. Created by 80-year old vines and aged in the deep cellars of Casa Primicia, this wine is the access key to the history of Rioja Alavesa wine.
The best ambassador or our cellar, that symbolizes the past and opens the doors to the future.
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